CNC Machine Connect

Achieve High-Accuracy Digital Twins with Connection to CNC Machines on the Shop Floor

VERICUT’s CNC Machine Connect module works with Scytec’s DataXchange software to give users the ability to connect with and utilize the data from CNC machines on the shop floor.

Take CNC simulation to a new level by incorporating your CNC machine’s DNA to create the most accurate digital twin of your machine possible, and establish a more streamlined manufacturing process with the data needed to make more informed decisions.

When the NC Programmer has run VERICUT and verified there are no collisions or errors and possibly ran optimization, he is ready to release the NC program to the shop floor to run for the first time. Using CNC Machine Connect he prepares data for CNC Precheck to be compared with when the part is setup on the shop floor.

Once the Operator is ready to run the NC program for the first time he gets the CNC machine setup with the necessary items from the traveler (fixture, stock, work offsets, NC programs and subroutines, tool assemblies loaded with tool lengths). Before pushing Cycle Start, the Operator runs CNC Precheck to quickly ensure his setup matches what was simulated in VEIRCUT. CNC Precheck acts as a “go/no go” gauge providing red lights showing if any differences are found from his setup to what was simulated in VERICUT. Green lights indicate to the Operator to proceed pressing Cycle Start with confidence that his setup matches what was simulated in VERICUT.

If the there are any red lights, CNC Precheck notifies the NC Programmer to further investigate the differences found when CNC Precheck comparison was ran. Using CNC Machine Connect, the NC Programmer can further investigate any differences using precheck functionality to review any differences in machine parameters or other setup information.

CNC Machine Connect contains functionality to “update” VERICUT with critical data from the machine. Rerun the simulation with values from the CNC machine to check that there are no new problems or unexpected errors related to the machine setup.

Current Features

  • Users can connect using Scytec’s DataXchange software to view a list of monitored CNC machines accessible to VERICUT (milling and turning CNC machines with modern FANUC controls, such as 0i and 31i models)
  • CNC Machine Connect includes CNC Precheck
  • Install and use CNC Precheck on as many shop floor Windows computers and Windows tablets as necessary
  • Read machine parameters to improve VERICUT’s digital twin machine
  • Read machine setup information such as main NC programs, subprograms, current axis positions, work offsets, and tooling to compare with VERICUT’s machine configuration (VMC)
  • Identify differences between machine and simulation values, and update the VERICUT simulation to verify that these values produce the intended result.

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